Check Vanilla Visa Balance before making any transaction – Here is why.

These Visa gift cards is a kind of card that allows you to give a special product or service purchase option to the receiver. Thus, using this top up balance on the prepaid card, the gift getter can opt for any prepaid transaction wherever the debit or credit cards are accepted. The only downside of the extreme benefits of the card and its functional similarity to the ATM card, it is not possible to get cash from the same and cannot be topped up with financial balance post purchase process.

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Why it is important to Check Vanilla Visa Balance? 

It is necessary to Check Vanilla Visa Balance before making any purchase through the card. On making a purchase, it is important to opt for the credit option in the billing section. To fully complete the process, the transaction value will be deducted from the gift card balance and updated balance will be available for new transactions.

If you wish to buy something that is more expensive than the present value available on card. In such a case, the user can use existing prepaid cards to pay the balance payment value for the best results. This is called as the ‘split pay’ to clear the existing bills easily. Some merchants and stores may allow you to use cash payment option as well.

One can use these Vanilla Visa cards or prepaid Mastercard’s, without using any pin. For more information regarding the prospect of gifting through the prepaid card, visit Vanilla Prepaid website (details available at the back of the card).

Tips regarding the process to Check the Vanilla Visa Balance 

There are multiple ways to check the Check Vanilla Visa Balance especially if it happens to be the vanilla prepaid card.

Firstly, look at the back of the gift card. These cards include details including the customer service details, website address, card number, etc. Using this information, you can visit the vanilla prepaid website. Here, you can on clicking on the link of the balance check tab or menu option, balance value is displayed on filling the unique visa card numbers. Secondly, you can contact the customer service contact details given on the card and make automated inquiry. If the existing card balance has become equal to zero. The card will not work at all.

The Vanilla prepaid cards come with an expiration date. This is important that one understands the problem caused by the lapse of this event.

In case of any query or issue, contact a customer service Representatives and get quick response to the issues.